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A brief biography of Timothy Adegbola Abi-Abiola

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Timothy Adegbola Abi-Abiola was born into a ‘christian’ home in Ibadan, Nigeria. The Lord Jesus Christ met and saved him in his late teenage years under the ministry of his late Pastor- Pastor Bamigbose of Christ Apostolic Church, Lagos.The encounter immediately made him a useful brother and diligent worker in his church. He passionately followed the leading of the Lord to step out and into the long time vision and dream of preaching and teaching the word of the Lord.
He served the Lord as Lecturer in Theological Seminaries and as pastor in different denominations and interdenominational congregations. In obedience to the strong leading of the Holy Spirit , he is taken up the charge to; ‘…teach what is in accord with sound doctrine.’
He lives in Calgary, Canada with his lovely wife-Tosin and three children- Bezalel, Igdaliah and Huldah.

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